School District

Homeless Information

The Otto-Eldred School District is committed to supporting all students and families experiencing homelessness. Mrs. Lindsay Burns, Pupil Services & Special Ed Director, serves as the homeless liaison. You can email Mrs. Burns, or call her at (814) 817-1388. We are here to support you and your family. We will do everything we can to answer your questions and get your student(s) successfully enrolled in school.

ECYEH: This stands for Education for Children & Youth Experiencing Homelessness. Otto-Eldred School District can provide support for students and families struggling with homelessness. To determine if you qualify for additional assistance through the McKinney-Vento Act, check out this short clip! For additional support, contact Mrs. Lindsay Burns.

Am I Homeless?

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act provides guidelines for school districts supporting families who are:

  • Staying with friends or family due to loss of housing.
  • Living in a shelter, which includes transitional programs.
  • Residing in motels, hotels, tents, campers, or other temporary housing because they cannot secure permanent lodging.
  • Living on the street, in a vehicle, or other non-permanent structure.

As a Homeless Family, What Rights Do My Students Have?

All eligible students have a right to:

  • A free and appropriate public education.
  • Immediate enrollment in school, even if lacking documents normally required for enrollment.
  • Choose between attending the local school or continue attending the school of origin if that option is feasible and in the student’s best interest.
  • Receive transportation to and from the school of origin, if requested and feasible.
  • Receive educational services comparable to any other student, specific to each student’s educational needs.