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Our technology department works closely with staff and students to deliver reliable technology designed to enhance the learning experience at Otto-Eldred School District. Our goal is to create a learning environment that utilizes the best available technology to enrich and improve student learning as well as improve administrative operations.

Our district provides many technology resources for our students and staff, and manages over 500 devices! The resources on this page will help you get the most out of our offerings.

Acceptable Use

We believe the Internet can provide teachers and students with a wealth of educational resources. Along with this great privilege, we feel a tremendous obligation to teach our young people how to responsibly and safely use it. We expect all to be familiar with and accept our district’s policy for acceptable use of this technology.

Tech FAQs

Before submitting a tech ticket, please review the following troubleshooting techniques.

Help! I can't print.
Printers on district computers reconnect each time you sign in. Reboot your computer and try printing again.

Can I connect my computer to a projector?
Sure. Plug the projector’s VGA cable into the video port on your device. Then use the Fn+F4 or Windows+P key sequence to direct video output to the projector.

I need to reset my password.
Give us a call or email us to request a new password.

How do I connect my personal device to the school’s wireless network?
Ensure your WiFi functionality is turned on, and sign on using our network OESD-BYOnet. Follow the onscreen prompts using the same credentials you use when signing onto district computers. If your device asks for an anonymous ID, leave that field blank. Once your credentials are verified, a web browser will open showing our Acceptable Use Policy. Agree, and you’re in!

Can I access my school files at home? 
Yes. Log into your O365 account and click the OneDrive tile. All these files are securely synced in the cloud. Keep your files secure by creating a complex password and logging out each time you walk away from your computer.

Technology Staff

If you need assistance with a district-provided software or system, please email our help desk or contact one of our specialists below.

Kurt Covert
Technology & Networking Systems Specialist
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Jim McDonald
Technology & Networking Systems Specialist
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Rachel Burkhouse
Elementary Librarian
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