School District


Our transportation department is responsible for the safe and efficient transport of students and district employees. Our bus drivers follow all state regulations regarding school bus operation and traffic laws. You can rest easy knowing that your child’s safety is our top priority.

Otto-Eldred School District Transportation Guidelines

Safety on district-provided transportation is of the utmost importance. For that reason, we have school policies in place to keep students safe while boarding, riding, and exiting district transportation. We ask all students to follow the rules, (outlined below) so the system can function smoothly.

    1. Drivers may assign seats and change them as needed.
    2. Sit in seats. Do not stand.
    3. Do not use abusive language or profanity.
    4. Do not bring or consume food or drinks on the bus.
    5. Board and exit the bus in an orderly fashion.
    6. Do not throw anything. (Throwing objects is strictly forbidden and will likely result in suspension from the bus.)
    7. Keep arms, hands, etc., away from windows and doors. Do not throw objects from the bus.
    8. Board and exit at assigned stops only.
    9. Be on time at the home bus stop.
    10. Wait at the bus stop out of the way of traffic and off of the highway.
    11. Remain in one seat during the entire trip.
    12. Do not use or have in your possession tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.

    Remember that riding district provided transportation is a privilege, not a right. Violation of rules may result in temporary or permanent suspension from the bus.