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The Peer Helpers

The Peer Helpers visited the elementary school in honor of Red Ribbon Week on October 29. During this time, they visited classrooms and taught various lessons on making healthy decisions and Red Ribbon Week. In addition, they had a poster contest for each grade with the following winners who received t-shirts made by Team Minard:

  • Kindergarten: Tyson Silsby, MaCaibe Splain, Paizlee Olmstead
  • 1st grade: Alex Schneider, Camryn Windsor, Konner Shay
  • 2nd grade: Jonnie Merry, Gracyi Quinn, Riley Styles
  • 3rd grade: Austin Rogers, Brooklinn Marrone, Abigail Yingling
  • 4th grade: Remy McDivitt, Kylie Irons, Ayvah Studigl
  • 5th grade: Ayla VanScoter, MaKenna Irons, Eleanor Bennett, Michael Sheeler
  • 6th grade: Julia Rosenswie, Alexis Prince
Health and Wellness

Please visit our Wellness page to access information and upcoming events on health and wellness in the Otto-Eldred School District.

Otto-Eldred PWS Lead Testing Update

National events about lead exposure have generated new concerns for Pennsylvanians related to the safety of their homes and water. The Departments of Health (DOH) and Environmental Protection (DEP) both work diligently to protect children from lead exposure and have many resources available for residents to learn more and take action on lead.

As a public water system, Otto-Eldred High School is required to perform a lead test every three years. We are pleased to announce that a level of 0.0 parts per billion were detected in the Otto-Eldred HS public water system as of the September 2019 test results. Please read the official notification.

Although not an independent water system, testing was also performed at the Otto-Eldred Elementary School. A trace amount was detected (<.001 mg/L) was detected, far below the maximum limit of .015 mg/L. Please see the elementary notice.